about us

What is CBK Noord-Holland?
CBK Noord-Holland is a new department of Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland. Having officially started on 1 January, 2005, it is dedicated to the field of visual arts and design in North-Holland.
CBK Noord-Holland is an initiative of the province of North-Holland according to one of the main principles of the BKV policy as outlined in the new provincial cultural memorandum 'Culture Unites' (2005-2008). With this new department the province wants to contribute to increasing the professionalism of visual artists and designers. The province also sees CBK Noord-Holland playing a role as an intermediate between supply and demand.
For whom?
CBK Noord-Holland is directed at anyone who is professionally involved or/and interested in the sectors visual arts and design, namely:
• Artists and designers.
• Civil servants and administrators employed by municipalities and provinces.
• Organizations concerning themselves with art and design and business.
• Exhibition organizers and publicists.
• Teaching staff in art education and people who play a supporting role in it.
Martijn Couwenhoven - zonder titel (2005) Sander Rood - Public lighting on human energy (2002) Nikki van Es - wingerd, detail (2004)
CBK Noord-Holland wants to:
1. Show what the province of North-Holland has to offer in the areas of art and design.
2. Contribute to the expertise of art producers, patrons, clients and policy makers.
3. Bring supply and demand together.
4. Contribute to the infrastructure for art and design in North-Holland.
What does CBK Noord-Holland have to offer?
• A file of artists and designers.
• This website, a monthly digital newsletter, and a quarterly magazine with topical information on developments in the area of art and design in North-Holland.
• Meetings such as symposiums and debates.
• Workshops for artists and designers, patrons, clients and policy makers..
• Innovative projects highlighting the contribution of art to other sectors such as the business community.
• Educational exhibitions for primary and secondary education.
• Service bureau for made-to-measure advice regarding, among others, the commissioning and acquisition of art.
R.W. van de Wint - Knowing by Heart Fiona Tan - Lift
Many years of experience in art and design
CBK Noord-Holland builds on the knowledge and experience in the field of visual arts and design acquired by Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland over the years. Manifestations such as Fort Lux, From IJ to Sea and Kaap Helder are examples of this. Other examples are counseling for commissioned projects such as the Province of North-Holland’s pavilion at the Floriade and the statue of Richard Deacon near Rottepolderplein Zuid. Educational exhibitions on visual arts and design have been traveling through North-Holland for years.
as a part of CBK Noord-Holland as a part Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland
Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland brings many different kinds of people in the province of North-Holland in contact with projects in the field of art, projects covering a variety of disciplines. Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland also publishes various cultural and cultural-tourist publications, UITwaaier for example.
The department CBK Noord-Holland offers specific services directed only at people who have a professional interest in art and culture. In this, it limits itself to the art disciplines visual arts and design and everything connected with it.